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there’s only one way and that way is #pineapple Street lol #nyc

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Clearly I like pineapples. In every relationship I have, be it a friend, a coworker, or family member, someone always asks me, “What’s with the pineapples?”.

I never seem to answer the same way twice. I’ve said “I’ve just always liked the fruit”, I’ve said “it’s unique,…

pineapple krew 4 lyfe



I’m not trying to be rude, but wtf is up with photos of random people holding pineapples? Is there a new gang I don’t know about? Like..why not photos of people holding mangos or papayas?

it’s not a “new” gang….


Electric Cereal in July

Louis Packard
actually the correct term is Frankenstein’s Monster, u smugly say as they pull the lever

Guy Melvin
And what I do is drink knives
Alone, maybe, who knows?
And regret jerks you off in the morning

Laura Poholek
Chapter 21

Sophia Katz
I am stoned and the sun is setting
How to be productive while extremely depressed

Emily Elizabeth Scott
everybody’s like

Luna Miguel
A chaotic summary of the week in eight acts.
Nothing can destroy purity

Alexandra Naughton
Some things I did and thought about and observed on the way to and from the sex toy store

BS Faulkner
The Drunks

Davis Land
poker night

Jesse Hoefling
Name for a Poem

Tim Paggi

Gregory Zorko
Pete Maravich

Andrew Duncan Worthington
My Bands (2004-2010)

Anne Clement

J. Bradley
A Love Poem As Directed By George Lucas
A Love Poem As Directed By Quentin Tarantino
A Love Poem As Directed By Uwe Boll
A Love Poem As Directed By James Cameron

Dalton Day
Poem Ending With a Line From Annie Clark
Igloo Songs #1-23
Held Still (after Wangechi Mutu)

Jakob Maier
reconsiderations of the relationship between the human and the earth

Jesse Prado
4 Ppl

Chuck Young
‘i wrote a love poem dedicated to a tiny square on a screen that i considered to be extremely disrespectful’

Joshua Jennifer Espinoza
untitled 1
untitled 2

Katie Foster
me as you
girl slug in bed

Vanessa Willoughby
Lovers Always Have Two Faces

Kaitlyn Tiffany
I Only Believe In You and Ben Affleck

Sandra Hajda
Proust: A Shallow Fellow

Mira Gonzalez
conversation with andrew duncan worthington

Moon Temple

Paul Rizza
Use of Negative Space in Euclidean Geometry

Matt Margo
the glorious inexplicability of feeling some type of way

Isabelle Davis
not yr fetish
hot snail mail

Beyza Ozer
no one belongs here more than you

Bleu Ruby Daniels-Taylor
I often get emotional when I walk alone

Stephen Michael McDowell

Matthew Dinaro

Luis Silva
Electric Blue
we meet in failed novels
Shaw & Smith

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today electric cereal has a little prose triptych about shapes and space that i wrote. alright well have a nice monday, see ya later


So this happened…

So this happened…

So this happened…

So this happened…

“I spent most of my life thinking that the best I could do was inspire someone else, some man, to write a great poem or novel. Now I know that it is so, so important for women to write their own stories. It is equally important to read stories by women and to make sure those stories are visible. Because to so many young girls, like myself just a few years ago, they don’t exist. Read Chris Kraus. Read Mary Maclane. Read Eileen Myles. Read Kate Durbin. Read Marie Calloway. Read Megan Boyle. Read Mira Gonzalez. Read Emily Gould. Read Joan Didion. Read Ann Beattie. Read Alice Munro. Read Joy Williams. Read Lorrie Moore. Read Miranda July. Read Shelia Heti. Read Roxane Gay. Read Melissa Broder. Read Kathy Acker. Read Audre Lorde. Read Bell Hooks. Listen to Nicki Minaj. Watch Lana Del Rey Videos. Watch The Anna Nicole Show. Revisit Britney Spears if you are not already doing so often and religiously. You don’t need me to explain why these women are urgent and essential, just know that you need them.”