“I spent most of my life thinking that the best I could do was inspire someone else, some man, to write a great poem or novel. Now I know that it is so, so important for women to write their own stories. It is equally important to read stories by women and to make sure those stories are visible. Because to so many young girls, like myself just a few years ago, they don’t exist. Read Chris Kraus. Read Mary Maclane. Read Eileen Myles. Read Kate Durbin. Read Marie Calloway. Read Megan Boyle. Read Mira Gonzalez. Read Emily Gould. Read Joan Didion. Read Ann Beattie. Read Alice Munro. Read Joy Williams. Read Lorrie Moore. Read Miranda July. Read Shelia Heti. Read Roxane Gay. Read Melissa Broder. Read Kathy Acker. Read Audre Lorde. Read Bell Hooks. Listen to Nicki Minaj. Watch Lana Del Rey Videos. Watch The Anna Nicole Show. Revisit Britney Spears if you are not already doing so often and religiously. You don’t need me to explain why these women are urgent and essential, just know that you need them.”


So I walked by my brothers room to see this.
A pineapple.
A fucking pineapple.
He fucking named it Esther.
He has a fucking pineapple named Esther.
What the fuck.

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Remember when someone invented the wheel? Yeah the wheel is pretty chill. Before the wheel people had to walk everywhere. It was really frustrating. Such a great event was not celebrated at the time. Yet years, decades, centuries, millennia later, people are using the wheel for all kinds of…

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Giacomo Balla, Mercury Passing in Front of the Sun 1914